Galerie Rê Contemporary Art Gallery in Marrakesh Lucien Viola opened a gallery of contemporary art in Marrakech, Galerie Rê, in November 2006. The gallery space was specifically designed to house contemporary art and to conduct related events. With museum lighting quality, projector screens, and a high definition sound system, the space offers the best conditions for various types of exhibitions and events, such as art installations, hangings and lectures and concerts. The gallery has quickly earned acclaim for showing the works of "non- established" but emerging moroccan and international artists and by nurturing a dialogue between paintings, sculptures, installations and photography. The gallery’s aim is to promote the works of innovative avant-garde contemporary artists away from neo-orientalisms and other folk art. One of its foremost objectives is to bring together the contemporary artistic main streams from Morocco, the Arab World, Europe and the rest of the world together, so that the greatest artistic and intellectual standards can be discovered at Galerie Rê. Lucien Viola is a member of the Syndicat National des Antiquaires le S.N.A.

Collective exhibition juin 06 to september 10, 2016
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